The most sustainable and flexible retail solution


Mr. Flexx® is the ultimate solution changing absolutely everything about retail displays and contributing to a better world. Mr. Flexx® is easy to use and ensures the best possible presentation of your products. The best part: you even reduce costs. How? We’re happy to explain.


Reduce CO2 & cardboard usage up to 80%

Hundreds of thousands of kilos of paper and corrugated cardboard are destroyed annually. Together, we can significantly reduce this waste stream and CO2 emissions.


The Mr. Flexx® display solution is reusable! The system is made of ABS, a durable and extremely strong premium plastic. This can be either virgin or recycled quality. This makes a huge difference because the choice of ABS guarantees a lifespan of at least 3 years under normal retail use. Mr. Flexx® decoration uses a minimal amount of cardboard. This very quickly results in cardboard savings of over 80%! Across the many retail applications in which you can use Mr. Flexx®, this all adds up to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.


High ROI with Mr. Flexx®

There are numerous revenue models possible with Mr. Flexx®. Consider the following application:

● Purchase: you purchase a display system once and reuse it for different promotions by changing your decoration each time;
● Pooling: the display becomes part of the retail chain, saving on logistics flows and in-store merchandising;
● Rental: alternatively, you can use Mr. Flexx® as a unique standard solution to offer an effective promo solution to your suppliers;
● Full lease: you use Mr. Flexx® as a variable solution from presentation desk to sales display.

As you read, there are several options when it comes to purchasing Mr. Flexx® display solutions. From buying, renting, pooling to tailor-made full lease, we want to make things as easy as possible for you. Curious about what we can do for you? Please contact us. Read more about our pallet displays, retail gondolas and display fixtures.


Bottles, pouches, sixpacks, whatever the packaging of your product is: with Mr. Flexx® every product is presented in the best possible way. This is due to the many ways in which you can configure Mr. Flexx®. Use dividers, tilt a shelf or hang products on hooks. After all, the Mr. Flexx® solution can also be combined in many heights, or even used on both sides. Everything is possible.

As a retailer, seasons are essential for peak sales and creating an ambience for shoppers. In order to encourage impulse buying as early in the season and as much as possible, good presentation is important. This can be achieved in a much smarter way with our sustainable retail solution. After all, Mr. Flexx® is not only suitable for regular promos. You can also create island presentations, themed decorations (Easter, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.) with it and then use it again for your regular promos. Or you take it down again and put it in your warehouse as a small package. This is not only cost-effective, but above all versatile in use with infinitely creative seasonal decorations.

What do we mean by supply chain ready? As a universal system solution, we made Mr. Flexx® able to use its own standard legs, wheels or dolly. But more importantly, all standard solutions of other pallets or dollies in retail are also suitable for Mr. Flexx®. Using IoT, we can also offer Mr. Flexx® with track&trace. After all, who doesn't want to know the exact location in the shop of their sustainable retail solution? Or know whether it has already been returned to the distribution center after the promo?

Simplicity equals strength! This is why Mr. Flexx® is easy to assemble and disassemble. Being able to change quickly between promos and mounting decoration helps with this. Everything can be done in minutes and can be simply implemented by any type of retail employee. There are no different types of displays with Mr. Flexx®. After all, our display solution is one size fits all.

A retail display that stimulates all the senses. This is possible with Mr. Flexx® Premium. Add components with light, scent, movement or sound. Want to add LED displays to the sides or top panel? Also not a problem. All of these components add just that little bit extra to the presentation of your product. Mr. Flexx® helps you stand out.

There are endless ways to showcase your brand, seasonal product, information or campaign. This can either be done with standard retractable side panels and a top panel, or with a full shell around the system. And how about round or three-dimensional shapes in the decoration? Or connecting multiple displays with a creative design. There are no limits! But even when using more creative decoration, we still use minimal cardboard compared to one-off solutions.

Want to upgrade the display with LED screens? We’re happy to tell you more.