Introducing Mr. Flexx® Pooling:

The Future of Retail Display Solutions!

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Why Pooling?

Are you tired of the old, costly, and wasteful ways of managing store displays? Mr. Flexx® Pooling is here to transform the game and provide the ultimate solution for a smarter future.

This autumn, we’re unveiling Mr. Flexx® Pooling – a game-changer born out of countless conversations with our valued partners at Mr. Flexx®.
We recognized the challenges that traditional display methods posed, including:
• One time upfront purchase costs
• Lots of cardboard waste from disposable displays
• The headache of managing logistics
• The need for display solutions for various promotions
• A growing desire to contribute to a circular economy

We asked ourselves, “could we create a service that addresses ALL these issues while keeping sustainability through our Sustainable Retail Displays?”

Our answer: yes, with Pooling!

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What is Pooling?

With Mr. Flexx® Pooling, our displays are strategically deployed for each promotion on your shop floor. Once the campaign is over, they are expertly retrieved, meticulously inspected, thoroughly cleaned, and primed for their next mission at the distribution center.
The Mr. Flexx® Pooling includes:
-Enhanced collaboration with retailers and brands
-Significant cost savings
-Seamless and transparent logistical management
-Minimize waste
-User friendly
-High ROI
-Maximize CO2 reduction
-Track & Trace technology (IOT) for real-time insights
-A meaningful contribution to the circular economy

Curious about what Mr. Flexx® Pooling can do for your product?

We’re excited to share more with you! Contact us today.



Tailored Shop & Go solution


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Mr. Flexx® Classic display solution

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Mr. Flexx® Pooling with HEMA



Mr. Flexx® Premium display solution