Mr. Flexx®

At Mr. Flexx®, our mission is to revolutionize the retail industry by providing sustainable retail display solutions that contributes towards a circular economy. We are committed to helping businesses reduce their environmental impact while enhancing their brand image and customer experience. By offering innovative and reusable display systems, we aim to create a more sustainable and circular future for the retail sector.



A new opportunity with Mr. Flexx® is the possibility to create a Mr. Flexx® Solution pool. Brands, Retailers, Co-packers or Merchandisers can ‘pay by use’.

IOT dolly met groen icoontje GPS – Track&Trace 


We enable you to monitor your entire supply chain through IOT

• Device manager: Find My Mr. Flexx®
• Proactive Track & Trace
• Store locator
• Logistic registration
• Pooling management

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Renting Mr. Flexx® is ideal for events such as pop-up stores, smaller test campaigns or other one-off/irregular events.

For a short or long term (from 1 to 24 months). While renting you can try-out Mr. Flexx® and buy the system at a later stage at a cost agreed upon beforehand.

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Mr. Flexx® wants to be able to relieve its customers even further.

Purchase the basic framework your need with extra service.
This framework is to decorate in a standard or custom shape. If there is no decoration from our specialists at our competitive prices are desired, you can buy the system without.

Full Service – 3 displays + decoratie met groen icoontje met Full Service

Full Service

With Full Service we deliver a Taylor Made product from A to Z. It will fits to all needs.
Whether it is co-packing, merchandising, servicing the decoration in combination with Hire-Purchase or Purchase, we can always fit the best mix that suits to your companies or products needs.