Transforming retail spaces with customizable retail gondolas

Mr. Flexx® is reshaping retail environments with our customizable retail gondola solutions. Designed with adaptability and durability in mind, our gondolas are the perfect match for retailers seeking a dynamic and personalized product display system.

Join the transformation in retail gondola solutions with Mr. Flexx®!

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The Mr. Flexx® advantage over traditional retail gondolas

Standard retail gondolas often struggle to adapt to the fast-paced changes of the retail industry. They are typically rigid, lack durability, and offer little room for customization.

Mr. Flexx® is rewriting the rules with our retail gondolas made of sturdy ABS. This not only guarantees longevity but also offers the opportunity for unique branding that aligns with the retailer’s vision.

Divers range of products
Unlike traditional gondolas, Mr. Flexx® gondolas are designed to accommodate a diverse range of products. From a vibrant collection of designer fabrics, an array of organic food items, to a selection of boutique skincare products, Every shelf on Mr. Flexx® gondolas is designed to sustain a weight of up to 35kg, ensuring they can accommodate an extensive variety of items.

Adaptable base design for easy adjustment
Mr. Flexx® addresses the challenges often faced by retail personnel in setting up and modifying traditional retail gondolas. Our solution includes an adaptable base design that not only harmoniously works with standard equipment like CHEP and ICP trolleys or dollies, but also allows for easy adjustments and the addition of wheels. This simplifies the otherwise complex and strenuous task.

Unleash creativity with Mr. Flexx® retail gondolas

Mr. Flexx® retail gondolas offer limitless possibilities for your product retail displays. Our solutions are sustainable, user-friendly, and designed to keep up with the evolving retail trends. Get in touch with us to discover the power of our retail gondolas.