Mr. Flexx® Pooling with HEMA

Together with HEMA we are launching our Pooling service! Mr. Flexx® displays are placed in all HEMA shops in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Austria.


Approximately 1.5 years ago, Hema and Vlastuin CDI  initiated a collaborative effort to optimize the logistics of chocolate letter displays. Our primary objective was to achieve a substantial CO2 reduction by reducing cardboard waste and enhancing logistics efficiency, including cardboard recycling. During the development, a key focus was ensuring a seamless integration of a reusable pooling solution within the existing operations, involving all supply chain stakeholders from production to HEMA’s distribution partners and stores.

The introduction of the Mr. Flexx® Dolly has streamlined the delivery process to stores in the Benelux, Germany, France, and Austria, with efficient redistribution from distribution centers. Additionally, they upgraded the mini-golf shelf tray to a durable polypropylene tray, significantly improving the visibility of chocolate letters.

Mr. Flexx® Solutions B.V. is proud of the great collaboration with HEMA.


Together with HEMA we are launching our Pooling service

Mr. Flexx® partnered with HEMA, the iconic Dutch retailer famous for its chocolate letters, a beloved holiday tradition in the Netherlands. HEMA sought a way to present their chocolate letters in an eye-catching yet eco-conscious manner during the festive season.

This collaboration between Mr. Flexx® and HEMA exemplifies the power of pooling resources and ideas to pioneer sustainable solutions in the retail industry. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, companies like Mr. Flexx® and HEMA are leading the way, demonstrating that sustainability and innovation can go hand in hand.

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“HEMA has been collaborating with Vlastuin CDI for many years, and together, we strive to improve concepts, taking into account appearance, convenience, costs, and sustainability. In this context, we also sought to collaborate on this sustainable display and developed a sustainable interior for the chocolate letters within the existing Mr. Flexx® display. Additionally, we established a pooling system where the displays are cleaned and sorted to make them available for a new season. With this sustainable display, we save 85% of cardboard and achieve a minimum 43% reduction in CO2 emissions. By approaching the project from various angles, we have been able to strengthen each other to create the optimal display for chocolate letters.” 


Introducing the first reusable Polypropylene SRP Tray!

Annually, HEMA achieves a remarkable cardboard saving of 23.393 kg by transitioning from one-time-use corrugated cardboard shelf trays to durable polypropylene (pp) trays with a minimum lifespan of 5 years. Over a 5-year period, this equates to a substantial total saving of 116.960 kg of cardboard.

This significant shift not only brings ecological benefits but also enhances product visibility within the display, making a significant contribution to the overall shopping experience and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the utilization of these trays in the chocolate factories does not require additional efforts from the staff, thus optimizing efficiency. HEMA has made this choice due to the substantial cardboard savings and the potential for circular product utilization within the return process.

Starting from 2024, these trays will be equipped with RFID tracking, allowing for straightforward identification and monitoring. This is the solution that the future needs!

*the Letter Tray is an innovation from Mr. Flexx® Solutions B.V.

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Mr. Flexx® Pooling with HEMA



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