Many companies went before you with Mr. Flexx®


The development of a counter that enabled out-of-store communication with shoppers, as well as the display and sale of products during the COVID-19 pandemic. We did this for Rituals.


La solution d'affichage classique de Mr. Flexx® fait partie des fameux prix favoris d'Albert Heijn. Aujourd'hui, notre solution peut être trouvée dans plus de 1 000 magasins ! Facile à utiliser, durable et économique en temps et en coûts.


Rituals has deployed Mr. Flexx® in over 25 pop-up stores. The result? A flexible and efficient way to set up a Rituals Pop-up shop during the seasonal period.


Our displays are now in place in over 70 Hoogvliet branches. Together, this is how we will ensure a more sustainable world.