POP shop display solutions

Mr. Flexx® offers sustainable and flexible POP shop retail display solutions. Mr. Flexx® is the ultimate solution for retailers who want a versatile, durable, reusable and customizable option for their POP displays. Discover the ultimate retail solution!

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Why use Mr. Flexx® instead of a cardboard display?

Reusable POP displays

One of the advantages of our POP retail displays compared to classic POS cardboard display is the reusability and possible redesign of the display. Current cardboard displays usually have a shorter life expectancy (the bottom hangs crooked or a corner is bent).

However, the basic frame of a display is usually the same.  That’s why we at Mr. Flexx® thought of making a frame out of ABS with the possibility of personal branding depending on the clients wants and needs.



Support up to 35kb per shelf

Many classic cardboard displays are not designed to support heavier products such as glass bottles, six-packs or milk cartons.
Mr. Flexx® is different and can easily support up to 35kg per shelf.


Easy to assemble and customizable pop displays

There are many different store displays, which can be assembled in there own way. This can result into struggles for all sales staff to set up all variations. Mr. Flexx® makes handling on the floor easier, as the base can be moved back and forth, as it can be equipped with wheels or fits on any standard trolly/dolly (CHEP, ICP,…).