Mr. Flexx® Bio based Display Solution

We want to create a better world, together with you. That's why we have developed the Mr. Flexx® Bio-based solution. It is even more sustainable than our standard display. How is this possible? We'll explain.


From a functional and promotional aspect, the Bio based Mr. Flexx can do everything that the conventional Mr. Flexx can: a robust, stable and durable POS display, capable of carrying up to 35 kg per shelf. The difference is the following: the Mr. Flexx® Bio based retail display is made from MAGNUM Bio ABS. This is a sustainable material that replaces 80% of the fossil ABS material typically used. Among other things, it is made from bio feedstock. This is why it is called "bio-based" and it is fully recyclable. Resulting in a sustainable solution for the use, the decoration ánd the method of deployment for Mr. Flexx®.

When comparing the deployment of the Mr. Flexx® Bio based solution to the regular Mr. Flexx® display solution, we can reduce up to an additional 71% CO2 emissions by largely using Biomass instead of fossil feedstock. The use of Bio-based raw materials has the following important advantages:

• support the transition towards circular economy (In fact, we can also establish a near closed loop with you if we can take back, recycle and upcycle the displays into new Bio-based raw material)
• save fossil resources, promoting renewable & circular materials
• reduce your carbon footprint for in-shop activities
• are guaranteed by the ISCC+ certification for the accuracy of the CO2 reduction claim during the production process