Mr. Flexx® display solutions

Mr. Flexx® offers three types of display solutions: Classic, Premium and Bio based. Although all three retail displays have their own features and capabilities, they have one thing in common: they are sustainable and flexible in use.

We at Mr. Flexx® even promote the possibility of collecting Mr. Flexx® displays after many years of use, we recycle and upcycle them to new Mr. Flexx® production parts or other useful solutions. We promote a closed loop together with you.

  • Available in two sizes;
    60 x 40 cm and
    40 x 40 cm
  • Can be decorated with numerous options
  • A choice of 8 colors
  • Stimulate al senses;
    sound, odor, LED-lighting and motion detection
  • Available in one size: 60 x 40 cm
  • The robust Mr. Flexx® Classic has several creative decoration options. Use the features we designed in the sides for 3D for example
  • Standard in black and white, but there are many colors possible. Even in the color of your own corporate identity if desired
  • Open side walls for more visibility of the product. Or mix it up with open and closed side walls

We want to create a better world, together with you. That's why we have  developed the Mr. Flexx® Bio-based solution. It is even more sustainable than our standard display. How is this possible? We'll explain.

First things first. A retail display is a display on which you present products in a way that triggers shoppers to proceed to a purchase. Often, these retail display racks are located at the end of a shop, or in the middle of an aisle.

But did you know that you can do even more with the display solution by Mr. Flexx®? In fact, you can even build entire shops with Mr. Flexx®. See for example deze pop-up store that we made for Rituals. You can also make stands for use at trade shows or malls, for example. With the custom display units by Mr. Flexx® the options are endless.

Why opt for a retail display solution by Mr. Flexx®? Display advertising offers many advantages:

1. Increases number of purchases
By highlighting products in the display rack, shoppers are triggered to make a purchase. This boosts the sell out of your products. For instance, seasonal products such as Easter eggs or chocolate letters. This is achieved not only by having the best presentation on the shelf, but especially on the shop floor. The way you present your product and brand makes it stand out to shoppers and invites them to make a purchase.

2. Improves customer experience
By setting up and dressing a display correctly, you can convey more information about a product or brand. Strengthen this even more by using the Mr. Flexx® Premium accessories, which stimulate all the senses. Spread a new scent throughout the shop, or catch customers' attention with a flashy video playing on the LED screens on the display's side panels. Mr. Flexx® has everything you need to create an optimal customer experience. With powerful messages in the communication around your product, campaign themes or brand image, you create your own world with the sustainable display solution by Mr. Flexx®. Thereby enabling you to achieve a unique customer experience.

3. Contributes to brand awareness
Our solution from Mr. Flexx® can boost your brand awareness in many ways. For instance, have you ever seen Mr. Flexx® Pop up formula for shops and malls? Or the unique merchandising counter and promotional table combinations? This unique and sustainable solution has numerous applications. This method of presentation thus leads to greater visibility and awareness of your brand or product. The more this grows, the greater the potential for loyal customers.

Curious about what Mr. Flexx's flexibility can do for you? Please contact us. We would love to brainstorm with you.

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