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Mr. Flexx® introduces advanced and customizable display fixtures for contemporary retail spaces. Our solutions are perfect for retailers seeking a robust, adaptable, reusable, and personalized display system for their merchandise.

Welcome to the future of retail display solutions!

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Why Mr. Flexx® transcends traditional display fixtures

Traditional display fixtures often fall short in meeting the dynamic needs of today’s retail environment. Their inflexible design and lack of durability restrict their use in varied display scenarios. Check out our pallet display alternative.


Mr. Flexx® has reimagined this space by offering display fixtures made from ABS, ensuring durability and providing the opportunity for unique branding tailored to the client’s requirements.

Suitable for all types of products
Conventional display fixtures often struggle to support a diverse range of products. Whether it’s a collection of books, an assortment of gourmet food items, or a variety of cosmetic products, Mr. Flexx® display fixtures are designed to handle them all, with each shelf capable of supporting up to 35kg.

Modify effortlessly
The process of assembling and reconfiguring typical display fixtures can be intricate and daunting, frequently causing difficulties for sales associates. To alleviate this, Mr. Flexx® streamlines this task with a flexible base. Not only can it be effortlessly modified and equipped with casters, but it also seamlessly integrates with standard hand trucks or dollies like CHEP and ICP models.

Mr. Flexx® for Innovative Retailers

Mr. Flexx® offers limitless possibilities for your product displays. Our solution is sustainable, versatile, and designed with the user in mind. Reach out to us to explore the capabilities of our display fixtures.