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Simplicity equals strength! This is why Mr. Flexx is easy to assemble and disassemble. Being able to change quickly between promos and mounting decoration helps with this. Everything can be done in minutes and can be simply implemented by any type of retail employee. There are no different types of displays with Mr. Flexx®. After all, our display solution is one size fits all.

Bottles, pouches, sixpacks, whatever the packaging of your product is: with Mr. Flexx® every product is presented in the best possible way. This is due to the many ways in which you can configure Mr. Flexx®. Use dividers, tilt a shelf or hang products on hooks. The Mr. Flexx® solution can also be combined in many heights, or even used on both sides. Everything is possible.

Hundreds of thousands of kilos of paper and corrugated cardboard are destroyed annually. Together, we can significantly reduce this waste stream and CO2 emissions.

The Mr. Flexx® display solution is reusable! The system is made of ABS, a durable and extremely strong premium plastic. This can be either virgin or recycled quality. This makes a huge difference because the choice of ABS guarantees a lifespan of at least 3 years under normal retail use. Mr. Flexx® decoration uses a minimal amount of cardboard. This very quickly results in cardboard savings of over 80%! Across the many retail applications in which you can use Mr. Flexx®, this all adds up to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

A retail display that stimulates all the senses. This is possible with Mr. Flexx® Premium. Add components with light, scent, movement or sound. Want to add LED displays to the sides or top panel? Also not a problem. All of these components add just that little bit extra to the presentation of your product. Mr. Flexx® helps you stand out.



Tailored Shop & Go solution


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Mr. Flexx® Classic display solution

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Mr. Flexx® Pooling with HEMA



Mr. Flexx® Premium display solution