Mr. Flexx® is an innovation of Vlastuin


As a dynamic family company, Vlastuin has been creating innovative in-store solutions for more than 56 years, aimed at increasing market share and boosting turnover for retailers and brands.


Over the years we, as a retail display manufacturer, have seen what harm business can do to the environment and we want to take steps to minimize the impacts. That’s why we created Mr. Flexx®.

We believe, in order to create a sustainable product, not only is it important to design smarter and use more valuable materials, but more important is the way we act.

Mr. Flexx® offers quality, creativity and passion with the goal to put our customers and the planet first. Developed to minimize waste and carbon footprint, and utilize recyclable and if desired bio-based materials. We can even create a closed loop for circularity of our ABS materials.

At Mr. Flexx® we create new core products and offer services, which for example, enable customers and encourage suppliers to make their own commitments to contributing to a sustainable future.